45-day Apple Watch refund policy allegedly tied to heart health features, including the ECG app

Apple’s usual 14-day refund policy for the Watch will extend to up to 45 days after purchase if a customer has a heart health-related refund request greater than 14 days.

Heart health-related features include the upcoming ECG app on Apple Watch Series 4 models, as well as irregular heart rhythm notifications on Series 1 through Series 4 models.

This extended refund policy was revealed in an internal document, seen by MacRumors, which was distributed to Apple’s retail stores and Authorized Service Providers in the United States. Retail employees will reportedly tell customers with these requests to reach out to Apple Support via phone, email, or online chat to initiate a refund process.

“It sounds like as long as a customer mentions the ECG app or irregular heart rhythm notifications as the reason for the return, Apple will honor it up to 45 days,” reads the report.

The internal documentation provides no further information as to why this policy is in effect. Both the ECG app and the heart rhythm notification are FDA-regulated features. This extended refund policy, however, is not an FDA requirement in the US, the publication has learned.

The ECG app will reportedly be enabled in watchOS 5.1.2, according to a separate internal document seen by MacRumors. watchOS 5.1.2 is currently being beta-tested.