Tapbot is out with its latest app update for Tweetbot 5. Version 5.0 arrives just weeks after Twitter’s recent API changes forced the popular third-party service to remove key features on both its iOS and macOS apps. 

The first thing you’ll notice about Tweetbot 5 for iOS is its new icon, which should look familiar. It’s the same one Tapbot uses for Tweetbot 3 for Mac.

Tweetbot 5 for iPhone and iPad also adds GIF support in compose view that’s powered by Giphy. Perhaps best of all, Tweetbot 5 is now optimized for the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR.

Other changes in the update include:

  • Redesigned profiles.
  • Redesigned tweet status details.
  • An optimized dark theme for OLED displays.
  • Support for haptic feedback.
  • Auto video playback in the timeline.
  • Add descriptions to images when composing.

Back in August, Tapbots explained it was forced to disable or degrade some popular features, including timeline streaming on Wi-Fi, push notifications, and the Tweetbot Apple Watch app.

The Twitter API changes, originally announced last spring, removed two important tools for third-party Twitter solutions. These included the loss of real-time streaming and a delay to push notifications.

Tweetbot has long been a favorite in my household, and I’m glad to see Tapbot is pushing ahead despite Twitter’s recent moves.

You can download Tweetbot 5 on the App Store.