Here comes the first iPhone XR commercial and it’s awesome

Ahead of the iPhone XR pre-orders which kick off tonight, Apple published the company’s inaugural commercial for the colorful handset to YouTube—and we’re digging it!

We anticipate iPhone XR is going to be Cupertino’s most popular smartphone model for 2018 and one of the best-selling Apple smartphones ever—the last time an iPhone was available in a range of vibrant colors was five years ago with the iPhone 5c models.

Check out the new “Spectrum” ad.

I like this video even better.

An eagle-eyed reader might point out that the video uses the footage we already saw in Apple’s post-event video roundup that compresses all the announcements in under 108 seconds.

I’ve embedded that clip right below, check it out (the XR segment begins at 0:35).

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What do you think about Apple’s first iPhone XR ad?

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