Waze carpooling goes nationwide

Waze Carpool app teaser

Waze today announced that its dedicated app for carpooling is now available to all riders and drivers in the United States after launching as a test in the Bay Area back in 2016.

Waze Carpool goes nationwide

As of today, the service is available in all 50 states.

You can choose your carpool buddies based on their profiles, star ratings, number of mutual friends and filters, including toggles for the same gender only, coworkers, classmates and more. Riders and drivers enjoy the fastest route thanks to Waze real-time traffic updates.

Riders pay securely through an app while drivers get reimbursed for gas.

Waze carpooling provides filters to select riders and drivers

Filters in Waze Carpool

Planning a week’s commute is easy with the ability to schedule rides up to seven days in advance. As a bonus, you can invite groups of people you know and trust to arrange carpools.

According to Google:

Waze Carpool connects riders and drivers for an easier, more affordable commute. Riders download the Waze Carpool app and chip in money for gas and drivers offer a ride via the original Waze app to get the most out of a drive they’re making anyway.

Carpool will not just partner with other technology companies but also with cities, businesses, transit agencies and civic organizations. As an example, Carpool will be available at 50 Amazon Fulfillment Center sites so employees can carpool to work together.

According to The Verge, the app connects drivers to riders with nearly identical commutes based on home and work addresses. Rather than being a money-making service (both drivers and riders are limited to two rides per day), the app tests the waters in the ride-sharing market.

Waze carpooling is now available to all users in the United States

Waze wants both drivers and riders to sign up for the service so it’s giving them a limited-time opportunity to earn up to $200 of Carpool credit with up to ten referrals.

For more information, visit the official website.

Waze Carpool tips & tricks

Here are a few tips from Waze to get you into the fast lane faster:

  • Customize your carpool list with filters for same-gender and/or coworkers only.
  • Get to know your carpool buddy by browsing their profile, where you’ll find star ratings, mutual friends and endorsements awarded by other Waze Carpoolers.
  • Chat with your potential carpool buddy before confirming by adding a personal message to your offer/ride request.
  • If you think that coffee shop down the road would be a more convenient meeting spot, just edit the pick-up or dropoff spot when offering or requesting your next ride.
  • No need to stop at just one ride request or offer. The more people you reach out to, the better your chances are of confirming your carpool. We recommend planning your rides in advance because your fellow Carpoolers aren’t professional drivers, just fellow Wazers in your community on the road.
  • Never worry about the awkwardness of a cash transaction. Payments are securely handled through the app and they’re tax-free.

And here are a few useful tips to remember when signing up for Carpool:

  • Your work address doesn’t need to be a workplace, it can be your college campus, a volunteer center or wherever you commute to regularly.
  • Make sure your addresses are as accurate as possible. Don’t worry, they’re kept private and are only used to find you the best matches.
  • If you ever want to hit Snooze, or hit the gym, feel free to update your schedule whenever you want. Just go to settings and tap Route & Schedule.
  • Please don’t forget to enter your phone number. This is a one-time step that lets you contact the people in your carpool (like your addresses, your number stays private).

Waze is treating all new riders to a cool $2 for 21 days.


The service is currently available in the US, Mexico and Israel.

Waze Carpool for riders is a free download from App Store.

The main Waze app for drivers is also free on App Store.

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