Ultrasound could be the sexiest volume HUD replacement for iOS we’ve seen yet

By now, almost everyone would agree that the stock volume HUD on iOS is complete and utter garbage. There have been countless jailbreak tweak releases over the years that attempted to remedy this problem, but Ultrasound by iOS developer Ayden Panhuyzen is one of the best we’ve seen thus far.

As shown above, Ultrasound is a minimalist volume HUD replacement that appears at the top left of the display rather than smack-dab in the middle as it usually would out of the box. It’s not much larger than the iPhone X’s notch itself, so if you’re watching videos, it won’t interfere very much.

We think most people will be happy with the default settings right after installing Ultrasound, but if you like tinkering, then you can head over the to the tweak’s preference pane, which you’ll find in the Settings app:

Here, you can:

  • Toggle the tweak on or off on demand
  • Choose a theme you’d like to use for the volume HUD
    • Dark
    • Light
    • Transparent
  • Configure a timeout period after which the volume HUD is dismissed automatically
  • Enable haptic feedback for when the volume reaches either 0% or 100%
  • Enable OLED mode for iPhone X and later
  • Show the volume icon on the volume HUD
  • Show the numeric volume percentage on the volume HUD

In addition to displaying the actual volume level, you can physically interact with the Ultrasound volume HUD. When you see it on your display, feel free to reach out and grab it; tapping and dragging your finger on it will adjust the device’s volume level as precisely as pressing the physical buttons would.

In OLED mode, which is obviously designed with the iPhone X in mind, you can access the volume HUD while the rest of the OLED display stays off.

Upon trying Ultrasound for myself, I was blown away by the smoothness in the animations and the aesthetics of the volume HUD itself. If you were to ask me if it was worth it, then I’d say absolutely.

You can download Ultrasound for $1.99 from Cydia’s Dynastic repository; if you don’t know what that is, then I’ll refer you to our full third-party repository list for instructions for adding it. Ultrasound works with all jailbroken iOS 11 devices, but works best with the iPhone X.

What are your thoughts about this beautifully-designed volume HUD replacement? Share in the comments section below.