How to use the For You tab and other new features in Photos

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Have you been looking for easier ways to search your photos? Would you like a better way to view your memorable moments? The improvements to the Photos app in iOS 12 make these things possible along with additional updates you’re sure to appreciate.

This tutorial goes over the new Photos app features including how to use the For You tab and other enhancements.

How to use the Photos For You tab

The new For You tab holds all of your most important and memorable photos in one convenient spot and gives you cool viewing options. Access this section by tapping the For You tab at the bottom of the Photos app.

Memories: The top area of the Photos For You tab combines noteworthy events and corresponding photos. Tap any of the collections in Memories to play the movie created for you, edit it, or add more photos to the assortment.

Photos For You Tab ipad

To edit a Memory Movie:

1) Tap to play the movie and then tap it once more. This puts you in the editing screen.

2) Scroll across the bottom to select a different title font and matching music.

3) Tap the Edit button at the top to change the title, title image, music, duration, or photos (you can remove and add photos here). Click Done to save any changes in the Edit section.

Photos App For You Edit Movie

Featured Photos: This is a nice assortment of photos that the app assembled for you as “featured” because they’re considered the best moments from your photo library.

Shared Album Activity: As the title implies, you can review activity from albums shared with others here.

Effect Suggestions: In some cases, you may have a section with photos that can be improved. You may see suggestions to brighten up a photo or add a filter effect.

Sharing Suggestions: This area lets you easily share photos with others using a link and works with iCloud Photos. The suggestions are based on you who’re chatting with in iMessage and photos you’ve taken together.

How to use the new search features

Finding pictures in your Photos app is now easier than before. There are the various ways to search for the exact photos you want. You can search by place, event, or person.

But, you can also use a multiple keyword search. So, pop in word combinations like Vacation and June or Sports and Dogs.

You also have an Intelligent Search option. This means, as you are typing in your search word or phrase, the app will provide automatic suggestions for people, places, events, and dates used in your Photos app.

Photos App iPhone Search Options

Other useful improvements in Photos

Improved importing makes pulling in photos and videos from other devices faster.

The redesigned Albums tab lets you find the albums you want quicker and easier.

Editing of RAW photos has been updated. You were able to edit RAW photos in previous versions of iOS with third-party apps. But, this feature has been enhanced too. As Christian explains in his overview of all the new iOS 12 features:

With iOS 12, you can now edit imported RAW photos from your computer or DSLR camera without leaving Photos. Editing RAW shots in Photos requires iOS devices models with an A9 chip or later.

Wrapping it up

It’s always terrific to see new features and updates to existing ones that are useful. Do you have a favorite new feature in the Photos app? Is it the Photos For You tab or something else? Let us know what it is and why you love it in the comments below!