Newly discovered “iPhone xx” identifier likely references a cheaper-to-build iPhone 7 model

iPhone 7 Plus camera lens

Brazilian developer Guilherme Rambo has unearthed a curious reference—“iPhone xx”—from Apple’s Xcode development app, probably hinting at a cheaper-to-build iPhone 7 model.

It goes without saying that “iPhone xx” isn’t going to be its official marketing name.

Moreover, we can claim with a high degree of certainty that the referenced device probably isn’t a second-generation iPhone SE that a lot of people seem to be holding out hope for.

Guilherme himself noted as much, saying the identifier shouldn’t be confused with a mid-tier device, code-named “N84”, that’s thought to adopt the iPhone X design but with an LCD screen.

9to5Mac speculates that the unusual identifier could be associated with an internal test unit.

Another highly likely possibility: a cheaper-to-build iPhone 7 model.

Irish iOS developer Steve Troughton-Smith also thinks this is an iPhone 7-style device.

Indeed, upon closer inspection Rambo has managed to discover a few additional details pointing to a cheaper-to-build iPhone 7 because the device is defined in Xcode as running Apple’s A10 Fusion chip that first appeared in the original iPhone 7 series.

Your take?