The best iPhone packing list apps for your next trip

Packing List Apps for iOS

When you have to get ready for a trip, whether for business or pleasure, making sure you pack everything you need is essential. These days, there’s no better way to ensure you remember it all than with a handy mobile packing list app.

These packing list apps for iPhone and iPad have terrific features and provide exactly what you need to create your list.

Criteria and features

Here are a few things we looked for when creating this list of packing list apps for iOS.

  • Create and save multiple packing lists: This is an important feature for those who take trips for business and pleasure as well. Being able to create and save different lists lets you easily reuse them.
  • Suggested items and categories: An app that gives you suggested items in categories that you can add to your lists is awesome. Why type each item you need when you can just select from a huge variety and pop them right in?
  • List sharing: For family vacations or weekend getaways, being able to share the packing lists with fellow travelers helps everyone prepare.

Packing List Checklist

Packing List Checklist iPhone

With the ability to select suggested items and add your own, Packing List Checklist is a great choice. You can pick items from tons of categories including baby, beach, photography, snow sports, and swimming.

Packing List Checklist notable features:

  • Select only the items you want from the categories. Once you add them to your list, they will be sorted by category, making your packing easier.
  • Create your own category and add your items. You can then use it to add those items to other lists you create.
  • Try the built-in to-do feature. This is a bonus feature that comes in handy for adding tasks you must do before your trip.

Packing List Checklist is a nice, easy-to-use app that lets you share your lists. You can remove items from a list with a swipe or edit your entire list by removing several items at once or rearranging them. The best part is, you receive all the packing features you really need for free.

  • Availability: iPhone and iPad
  • Cost: Free with an in-app purchase for iCloud sync, item quantities, and the ability to uncheck all items at once.

Packr Travel Packing Checklist

Packr Travel Packing Checklist iPhone

Another terrific option for a free packing list app is Packr Travel Packing Checklist. This one is unique in that you start by adding your trip including the dates and destination. Entering these details gives you a cool view of the weather and forecast for that spot. Then, move onto your packing list.

Packr Travel Packing Checklist notable features:

  • Create your lists by activity or item. You can select from categories like essentials, clothes, beach, or hiking and remove items from those categories you don’t need with a swipe.
  • Sort your list items by unpacked or packed. This is convenient to keep track of what you still need to pack.
  • Enjoy the extra trip features. Check out nearby attractions for your destination, invite friends to plan your trip together, and receive notifications when your travel dates are coming up.

If you’re looking for something extra in a packing list app, then take a look at Packr Travel Packing Checklist. The additional trip planning features are terrific, especially if you travel often.

  • Availability: iPhone and iPad
  • Cost: Free with an in-app purchase for multiple destination trips, TripIt sync, an 8-day weather forecast, and more.

Packing Pro

Packing Pro iPhone

If you prefer to go all in and pay for a packing list app upfront, rather than worry about in-app purchases later, Packing Pro is an excellent choice. Create multiple lists that you can share easily, add items in new categories, and add lists to other lists.

Packing Pro notable features:

  • Insert full details for each item on your list. You can choose the quantity, add a weight and value, mark that you need to buy it, set a priority, and even include a note.
  • Add to-dos for before, during, and after your trip. Pick from things like notifying your colleagues you’ll be out, making dinner reservations, and watering your plants once you get back.
  • Adjust your settings per your preferences. You can sync with iCloud, import, export, or backup, customize the design of the app, add bags and people, change the weight and currency types, and much more.

Packing Pro is a paid app that’s worth the money when you want to add more than just items to a list. It’s simple to use, includes plenty of categories and items, offers many adjustable settings, and is customizable.

  • Availability: iPhone and iPad
  • Cost: $2.99

Packing it up

When you need to pack for a trip, a list is the best way to ensure you don’t forget a thing. And, these packing list apps for iOS take the work out of creating them. Do you use one of these packing list apps or do you have a different one you prefer? Let us know!

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