This tweak replaces iOS’ app deletion buttons with storage usage indicators

You can enter ‘wiggle’ mode on your iPhone or iPad by tapping and holding on any app icon from your Home screen. While in this mode, tiny ‘X’ buttons pop up at the top left of every icon, letting you delete your apps one at a time.

‘Wiggle’ mode is incredibly easy to use, but Apple ignored a lot of potential opportunities to make it more intuitive. Fortunately, a new free jailbreak tweak dubbed SizeFinder by iOS developer Squ1dd13 can help in that department.

Once installed, SizeFinder replaces the lackluster ‘X’ buttons in ‘wiggle’ mode with something a bit more useful: an indicator that displays how much storage space each app is using. You can see examples in the screenshots above.

The tweak is essentially replacing the ‘X’ in the delete button with a string of text that grabs each app’s storage usage. That said, you can still tap on the indicator(s) to delete the respective app(s) in question like you usually would.

The storage usage indicators only appear on top of removable apps while you’re in ‘wiggle’ mode, just like the stock delete button would. Notably, this includes apps that have been pre-installed by Apple in addition to those you’ve installed by yourself.

Whether you’re deleting apps or not, SizeFinder provides a quick way to see which apps are using the most storage on your device, and it could help you decide which apps to remove if you begin to run low on storage space.

If you’re interested in giving SizeFinder a try, then you can download it for free from Cydia’s BigBoss repository. The tweak works on all jailbroken iOS 11 devices and doesn’t come with any options to configure.

What are your thoughts about SizeFinder and what it does to iOS’ app deletion buttons in ‘wiggle’ mode? Let us know in the comments.