Wallpapers of the week: long exposure

long exposure wallpapers feature

Long exposure photography utilizes a slower shutter speed to capture the subject over more time. Typically, these images are taken at night, with the intent to grab more light. Taking a photo of the stars, for example, is a good way to use long exposure. If you’ve seen images of waterfalls that appear to be a continuous stream, thats long exposure. Today, we have some great night photography that plays with light in a beautiful collection of long exposure wallpapers.

Long exposure wallpapers

I received a set of wallpapers from @Theodoryfollow┬áthat he has used in his iOS app, Notchy Wallpapers. The idea behind his app, is to provide a gallery of wallpapers that hide the iPhone X notch. Additionally, the app includes an editor that can chop off the top of your own photos to achieve the same effect. Now that every phone on the market has a notch, I’m not sure people are complaining about it as much, but if you care, these hide the notch.

I’m more excited about these wallpapers because they are just cool wallpapers! I enjoy the contrasting black and color.

long exposure image bridge at night

Download: iPhone

photo of trail light in street

Download: iPhone

trail of light on a highway

Download: iPhone

long exposure tree

Download: iPhone

long exposure busy road

Download: iPhone

Like, @Theodoryfollow, if you have a great set of images, help me curate the Wallpapers of the Week, by sending them way @jim_gresham. Also, you might want to follow along for mid-week downloads!