This tweak eliminates the two-step process to force-close apps on the iPhone X

Although I love using my iPhone X, I have a gripe with how the App Switcher works on this particular device. More specifically, you need to tap and hold on App Switcher cards before you can swipe up to force-close their respective apps.

Given that this two-step process isn’t required on any other Apple handset, it took me a while to get used to, and I still don’t like it. On the other hand, anyone on the same page can now take advantage of a new free jailbreak tweak called SwipeUptoKillX by iOS developer CydiaGeek.

In a nutshell, SwipeUptoKillX eliminates the iPhone X’s annoying two-step force-closing process for apps, allowing you to begin swiping up on App Switcher cards from the moment you open the interface to force-close their respective apps.

However insignificant of a gripe it might be, the two-step process is ridiculous from a workflow perspective, and the grievance is further exacerbated by the fact that the iPhone X is the only handset that has it.

Apple appears to be removing this two-step process right out of the box in iOS 12, but this doesn’t help those that are jailbroken on iOS 11, and that’s where SwipeUptoKillX shines. Without any options to configure, all you need to do is install the tweak from Cydia to enjoy its benefits.

If you’re interested in trying SwipeUptoKillX on your jailbroken iPhone X, then you can download it for free from CydiaGeek’s beta repository. The tweak isn’t intended for other handsets.

What are your thoughts about the two-step process in the App Switcher on the iPhone X? Share in the comments below.