Protect and carry your AirPods in Twelve South’s chic leather case featuring a carabiner clip

Premium Apple accessory maker Twelve South today announced its latest product, a leather carrying case for your plastic AirPods charging case.

Dubbed AirSnap, it’s got an opening for the Lightning port on the bottom and sports a metal carabiner style clip that prevents AirSnap from snapping off.

Keeping that tiny AirPods carrying case can be challenging.

Twelve South’s full-grain leather solution promises to protect your wireless Apple earphones while also keeping them close at hand. Just slip your AirPods charging case into AirSnap, fasten the snap and your AirPods are safe and sound, just like that.

Thanks to the built-in clip, you can attach the carrying case to your bag or backpack with ease. The black carabiner also swivels, making it easy to grab or put your AirPods away.

The strong snap closure keeps your AirPods secure when on the go.

For those wondering, AirSnap is made of the same luxurious burnished leather as Twelve South’s RelaxedLeather iPhone case that we reviewed last year. The high-quality leather doesn’t just look pretty, but also protects both your AirPods and their charging case from getting nicked, scratched and dirty while floating around your desk, bag or purse.

As mentioned, the carrying case leaves the Lightning port on the bottom of the AirPods charging case open so you can charge it conveniently without taking the whole case off.

Available in Black, Deep Teal and Cognac, each AirSnap is paired with a black clip and matching black snap. Deep Teal and Cognac versions are available now while the Black edition will begin shipping the week of August 6, 2018.

This chic case can be yours in exchange for $29.99 via the Twelve South store.