Latest iOS 12 beta includes images of new AirPods charging case

AirPods 2 case

The latest iOS 12 beta includes images for Apple’s revised wireless charging case for AirPods. First teased last year, the case has long been delayed along with the AirPower charging pad. Both are expected to finally launch this year. As first discovered by 9to5Mac, the new images show the revised AirPods case with a status LED on the exterior used to identify the charging state. By offering the AirPods charging status without first opening the case, it can work with the AirPower pad.

The images show the case with a green light, indicating that the AirPods case is fully charged, and an amber light, signifying that the case is currently charging.

The current AirPods model is marked as AirPods1,1, while the new model has the identifier AirPods1,2. Despite this change, Apple hasn’t confirmed whether it will ship new AirPods with the revised case or offer it only as a separate add-on.

It’s already known that current AirPods owners will be able to buy a new case separately.

The AirPower charging case was first announced at last year’s September event and was supposed to be released earlier this year. Production delays occurred; now the pad is expected to launch this fall, no doubt at the same time as the 2018 AirPods.

In June, a report said Apple was planning on releasing three new audio products in 2019 including premium AirPods, a new HomePod, and “studio-quality” over-ear headphones.

According to people familiar with the matter, Apple’s hoping to release premium AirPods that feature noise-cancellation and water resistance and have a more extended range. The water resistance isn’t intended for music listening while swimming. Instead, it’s to protect the headphones against rain and perspiration. Biometric sensors could also be added, eventually, for things like heart-rate monitoring.

Technically, this would be the third-generation AirPods, since Apple’s also expected to launch a new pair of AirPods this year that will include a new chip and support for hands-free Siri activations.

Apple’s expected to release iOS 12 to the general public in early September alongside updated versions of macOS, tvOS, and watchOS. New Apple hardware is likely to be announced around the same time, including new iOS devices and Macs.

Do you plan on buying the new AirPods charging case this fall?