Video: hands-on with the new features & changes in iOS 12 beta 4

iOS 12 beta 4 is now available and iDownloadBlog has put together a video walkthrough of all the new features and changes

Apple yesterday released a fourth beta of what would become the major iOS 12 software update to its registered developers. It followed up this morning with a new public beta of iOS 12 that contains the same features and changes like yesterday’s developer-only iOS 12 beta 4.

Hands-on with the changes in iOS 12 beta 4

We asked our resident video guy Harris Craycraft to do a hands-on video walkthrough of the key feature changes, improvements and bug fixes found so far in the fourth beta.

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Before you jump for comments, I know what you’re thinking, “where do I download that wonderfully retro-looking space age wallpaper,” right? Harris gets asked that a lot—you can download this and other space-themed wallpaper from iDownloadBlog.

Key changes in iOS 12 beta 4

Again, iOS 12 public beta 3 contains the same features as iOS 12 beta 4 for developers. This is because Apple provides public betas of major iOS releases from beta 2 onward.

Having made dozens of feature changes in the previous three betas, Apple is now beginning to focus on under-the-hood code tweaks, bug fixes and improvements.

Harris’s video covers a few of them, like:

  • New Memoji lip and earring options
  • New text in battery settings
  • Cellular apps are now listed by usage
  • Phone call audio issue has been fixed

I’m especially glad beta 4 has fixed that stupid bug which prevented some users from accessing the audio sources menu on the calling screen. If the menu didn’t respond to your command or took nearly half a minute to pop up, iOS 12 beta 4 should sort that out.

Aside from those changes, iOS 12 beta 4 still contains many issues with other features. Any major unresolved bugs will be hopefully squashed ahead of launch this fall.

Should you install the iOS 12 public beta?

If you’re thinking installing iOS 12 on your daily driver, think again.

Even though the code is very stable at this point, optimizations in terms of battery life and performance won’t be implemented before a Golden Master release candidate so this is something you’ll want to keep in mind before taking the public beta for a spin.

Your two cents

Speaking of which, have you tried the iOS 12 public beta yet?

If so, what are your impressions overall?

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