The best iPhone apps for outdoor allergy sufferers

Allergy Apps on iPhone

If you suffer from outdoor or seasonal allergies, then you know how difficult it can be. You need to be prepared for that certain time of year and those high counts in air.

Having an allergy app on your mobile device can help. You can see what’s coming and what’s happening at the moment. Plus, if your allergies seem to be changing over time, you can see what’s in the air causing your sniffles.

Criteria and features

Here are a few of the things we looked for when creating this list of allergy apps for iOS.

  • Location-based details: It’s easiest when the app can read your location, but if you prefer not to use location services, there should be a simple way to add your city.
  • Forecasts for counts: For planning outdoor activities or making sure you have your allergy medication with you, seeing a forecast of upcoming counts is essential.
  • Weather information: Allergies can intensify when it’s windy or raining, so having additional weather details can be helpful.’s Allergy Alert

PollenDotCom Allergy Alert on iPhone

For a quick and simple view of the allergy counts for the day,’s Allergy Alert is a good choice. You can see the current allergy forecast for the day and upcoming days with counts and small graphs. Right next to that, you can see the weather forecast for the day with highs and lows, precipitation chance, wind, and humidity.’s Allergy Alert notable features:

  • Multiple location settings let you view the details in other areas for when you’re traveling.
  • The Allergy Diary helps you keep track of how you’re feeling and the symptoms you’re experiencing which is helpful for determining your worst allergens.
  • Ford Sync lets those who use AppLink connect easily.’s Allergy Alert is a great app for giving you the allergy details you really need at a glance.

  • Availability: iPhone, Android, and the web
  • Cost: Free

Air Matters

Air Matters on iPhone

Air Matters gives you the pollen count and forecast along with air quality right on the main screen. You can also check out the chance of rain and if outdoor activity is recommended directly below the allergy details.

Air Matters notable features:

  • Save multiple locations for viewing details in the town where you’re headed.
  • View the top allergens, pollutants, and forecasts for the current and upcoming days.
  • Get weather details for daily for the next week or hourly for the current day.

With the useful allergy information, Air Matters also gives you air quality information. Plus, you can connect an air purifier or monitor if you own a Philips, Laser Egg, or 352 M25.

  • Availability: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, iMessage, Android, and the web
  • Cost: Free with options to upgrade to Air Matters Premium or remove the ads with an in-app purchase.

WebMD Allergy

WebMD Allergy on iPhone

WebMD Allergy is another good app to check out because of its extra features. Not only do you get the allergy and weather details you need, but helpful articles for allergies that go beyond seasonal. So, you can look at information for things like food, skin, and indoor allergies.

WebMD Allergy notable features:

  • An allergy map for your surrounding area shows you mild, moderate, and severe locations nearby.
  • A tracker for logging your symptoms and how you’re feeling which helps with additional allergy types.
  • Apple Watch alerts let you decide which allergens and levels of severity you want to get alerts for on your Watch.

WebMD Allergy is the ideal app for those who suffer from a variety of allergens along with seasonal ones. Get allergy details, read useful articles, and keep track of your symptoms all in one spot.

  • Availability: iPhone, Apple Watch and Android
  • Cost: Free

Allergy app wrap-up

Hopefully one of these allergy apps is just what you’re looking for and helps you handle allergy season better. Do you use a different allergy app that you like? If so, share it with us so we can give it a try!

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