Apple releases Schoolwork app for iPad for teachers and students

Schoolwork app

Apple has announced the immediate availability of the Schoolwork app for iPad. The free app allows teachers to create assignments, collaborate one-on-one with students, tap into the power of apps for learning, and view and understand student progress. It was announced earlier this year at Apple’s education-based “Field Trip” event.

Schoolwork, along with Apple’s Classroom app, offers teachers with tools to enhance the learning experience and help both educators and students get more out of the technology they use in the classroom.

With Schoolwork, teachers can create and send announcements and assignments featuring different types of content, including web links, PDFs, and more. Students can use Schoolwork to stay organized and keep track of the work they need to complete and when they need to hand it in.

Schoolwork has been designed as a companion for Classroom, which allows teachers to view what students are doing on their screen. ClassKit enables developers of educational apps to create links for specific functions in their application, which teachers can subsequently assign to students. It also relays the results of the student’s actions back to the Schoolwork app to be shared with the teacher.

Finally, teachers can use Schoolwork to assign a specific activity right within an app to guide their students directly to a challenge or lesson. Education apps including Explain Everything, Tynker, GeoGebra, and Kahoot! work directly with Schoolwork to bring useful educational content and tools to teachers using iPad.

At Apple’s Field Trip event in March, the company announced the newest budget iPad. The sixth-generation 9.7-inch model is the first non-iPad Pro to support Apple Pencil. Alongside Schoolwork and Classroom, Apple also announced updated versions of Pages,  Numbers, and Keynote to support Apple Pencil.

For more information on Apple’s tools for teachers and how to set up Schoolwork and Classroom, visit Apple’s education website.