A new update to Notability brings Handwriting Search, Multi-Note and more

Notability for iOS is one of the most popular note-taking apps for students and professionals alike, and this powerhouse application has gotten even more powerful with a recent update. The two headlining features of the update, Handwriting Search and Multi-Note, are game changers that make Notability even more of a worthy contender in the iOS App Store.

Handwriting Search

Handwriting Search introduces a feature similar to a feature Apple introduced in its own first party Notes app in iOS 11. With a simple tap on the same magnifying glass icon on the main menu used for searching text, the app will search through all of the handwriting it is able to interpret and bring the results to the forefront. In my experience, the app has done an admirable job of interpreting my quite messy handwriting.

This is an especially useful feature for students, and I can personally testify to this. When studying a concept in class or doing homework, it is extraordinarily useful to search for a keyword and see all notes taken from various class periods on the subject.


The second feature of this major update brings the ability to view and edit two notes side by side, at the same time. This feature can be accessed via the following steps:

Open the first note you want to view and slide over from the left side of the screen to open up the recent note menu.

Drag the second note you want to view onto the side of the screen you want that note to occupy.

While it initially may not seem as if this is a feature you need, you may be surprised how useful this can be in various scenarios. For example, I found it useful for consolidating various class notes into comprehensive review documents for tests.

These features and the rest of the recent improvements to Notability can be found in the change log listed below.

If you are a student or anyone who needs a powerful notes platform on iOS and Mac, there has never been a better time to jump in and test out one of the best offerings on the market. Notability is available for free (with a $9.99 in-app purchase) on the App Store and Mac App Store.