When Face ID fails, iOS 12 lets you swipe up to rescan without entering passcode

Face ID rescan on the Lock screen of iPhone X

Unlocking an iPhone X after an unsuccessful Face ID attempt is easier in iOS 12 than it used to be in iOS 11, thanks to an incredibly useful new gesture available right from your Lock screen.

In iOS 11, a failed Face ID scan puts up a prompt to enter your passcode to re-enable Touch ID.

As we explained in our step-by-step tutorial, it’s actually possible to force a second Face ID scan from the Lock screen: after a failed authentication, just slide your finger slightly up and then down on the Home indicator at the bottom of the screen.

This undocumented feature is too difficult for an average user to understand and memorize, and Apple is obviously aware of the fact—that’s why they’ve come up with a new way of triggering a second Face ID scan after a failed attempt in iOS 12—just swipe up from the bottom edge of your iPhone X display and Face ID will attempt to scan your face again.

“Swipe up for Face ID or enter passcode,” reads the message following a failed scan.

If after completing this gesture you successfully unlock your iPhone X with Face ID, your notifications will unlock and be available for viewing. You can trigger a facial rescan using the Locks screen swipe-up gesture three times in a row before iOS 12, for security reasons, disables Face ID and prompts you to enter the passcode to re-enable the biometric feature.

Before iOS 12, you had to resort to our workaround or force Face ID to rescan your face by putting your iPhone X to sleep and waking it up or by tapping Cancel after any failed attempt.

Even though iOS 12 does not enable horizontal Face ID unlock as previously thought, customers can now set up an alternate appearance which can also be used to have your iPhone X recognize a second person.

Face ID may also require your passcode in case the battery charge falls below 10%.

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