Supplies of AirPort wireless routers are already dwindling across the globe

Are you in the market for an AirPort wireless appliance? If so, you better act fast because supplies of Apple’s excellent wireless routers are already dwindling on Apple Online Stores across the globe and the company has no plans to make new ones again.

Apple Online Store in the United States currently lists AirPort Extreme as sold out.

In major European markets like France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom, no AirPort models are available online. While AirPort Express and AirPort Time Capsule may be in stock in select countries, you better act fast as they’re expected to sell out sooner than later.

Apple’s third-party resellers continue to sell these routers while supplies last.

The iPhone producer acknowledged recently that it had officially discontinued all AirPort-branded wireless appliances. They will support existing users with emergency and security updates, but the company definitely won’t be making any new AirPorts again.

Apple even offered some handy tips on buying third-party routers.

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Considering that AirPort Express is expected to gain AirPlay 2 support when iOS 11.4 releases, many people were hoping to use these inexpensive miniature routers with built-in audio out to basically add AirPlay 2 support to their existing Hi-Fi receivers and speakers.

AirPlay 2 brings support for multi-room audio control, the ability to stream audio to multiple devices at the same time, lower latency and higher throughput.