New Spigen iPhone X cases celebrate iconic Apple products

Spigen iPhone cases

New Spigen iPhone X cases should look familiar. The limited edition Classic Edition line gets its inspiration from the iMac G3 and second iPhone. Both celebrate anniversaries this year.

Available through Indiegogo, the new products include:

The Classic C1 limited edition case, which celebrates the 20th anniversary of the first iMac, which launched in 1998. The case is available in multiple colors, including graphic, snow, sage, and ruby. The CI is composed of three components constructed with a durable polycarbonate (PC) and shock-absorbing thermoplastic polyurethane TPU.

On the inside of these iMac-lookalike cases, you’ll find some interesting embossed detail. Note the iconic “hello” handwritten text that goes back to days of the original Mac in 1984.

The Classic One gets its inspiration from the 2008 iPhone 2G. Similar to the C1 regarding the materials used, the Classic One features black buttons on either side.

Both the Classic C1 and Classic One are available at various price points through Indiegogo perks. At least one of the perks also ships with an Essential wireless charger. Both cases are expected to arrive in June.

It’s nice to see two of my favorite Apple products remembered during anniversary years. The second iPhone, in particular, is often forgotten in history, so seeing it here is excellent. Perhaps we’ll be seeing more special edition Spigen iPhone cases in the coming years. For example, wouldn’t one that celebrates the iconic iPhone 4 in 2020 make sense? How about release one in 2023 to remember the colorful iPhone 5c?

You can order your Spigen iPhone X cases, Classic C1 and Classic One on Indiegogo.

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