Tinyclouds is a beautiful, mesmerizing weather app for iOS

Tinyclouds weather app is beautiful and useful

What do you get when you mix the seemingly endless desire for weather apps with the adorable, quirky, and Minecraft-like style of design and animation? If you guessed Tinyclouds, the adorable weather app for iOS, you’d be spot on!

Tinyclouds is a beautifully designed, simple weather app. It uses animated clouds – complete with weather events – floating over tiny 3D city to give current weather conditions. From the city scape, a quick swipe up from the bottom reveals an hourly and weekly forecast.

Weather data for Tinyclouds is pulled from the Dark Sky weather service, which provides constantly updating, accurate forecast data. Locations and points of interest can be saved in Tinyclouds, and the app can also access your current location to get more precise forecasts.

After spending some time exploring Tinyclouds, one of the biggest drawbacks is the lack of visual diversity in the app. While the little town adjusts in brightness based on the time of day, and clouds and precipitation vary based on the current weather, the city itself never changes. The center is always a collection of skyscrapers, even when viewing weather in the most rural of areas. Having the virtual village more dynamic (even panning the scene) when looking at Tinyclouds would make it more visually exciting.

That being said, Tinyclouds is certainly different – visually – than other weather apps. The fun little city, moving cars, floating clouds, and even falling precipitation make it fun to look at the weather. If you’re in the market for highly accurate forecasts in a gorgeous package, Tinyclouds is worth it. You can pick up Tinyclouds for $0.99 in the iOS App Store (Mac version coming soon).