Snapchat launches TrueDepth camera powered AR lenses demoed during iPhone X unveiling

Snapchat on Friday launched a trio of iPhone X-exclusive lenses it promised months ago.

They include a Mardi Gras-esque mask, a Day of the Dead skull and a gold-plated eye cover, The Verge said.¬†Taking advantage of TrueDepth camera hardware and Apple’s APIs, the app tracks 50+ facial muscles in real time, including movements in the eyelids and mouth.

Head and face tracking data, coupled with depth information, is then used to mold and superimpose augmented reality masks onto the user’s face with uncanny precision.

iPhone X lenses stick more tightly to your face

Depth data lets the app render a blurred background akin to Portrait shooting mode. If you take a closer look at some of the details, you’ll notice that objets like diamonds that are part of the new augmented reality masks interact appropriately with the user’s ambient lighting.

This is a backend refresh that doesn’t require an update to Snapchat’s mobile app. Launch Snapchat right now on your iPhone X and you should be able to access the three new lenses from within the app.¬†If you don’t own an iPhone X, you won’t see the new filters.

While app makers have access to the user’s facial topography, the mathematical representation of your face that the Face ID feature uses to let you unlock the phone with a glance is securely stored encrypted within the Secure Enclave. That crucial data never leaves your device: it is not shared with apps, it is not available to developers or stored in iCloud.

Apple also strictly bars developers from using facial captures to profile users, deliver targeted advertising or sell that data to analytics companies and data brokers.

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