1Password 7.0 for Mac brings enhanced sidebar, drag and drop, pop-out items & more

AgileBits, the makers of 1Password for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch, announced Wednesday availability of a public beta of the major upcoming 1Password 7.0 for Mac update.

Here are some of the major improvements in 1Password 7:

  • Enhanced sidebar: The newly-collapsible sidebar fits more information than before and uses monochrome icons against a dark background
  • Drag and drop: Organize your vaults by way of drag and drop. Not only can you drag and drop items between vaults, but two different accounts as well. You can manage your vaults directly from the new sidebar, like edit vault names, change their descriptions, choose an avatar or upload your own. And if you drag items onto New Vault, a vault will be created for you.
  • Rich formatting in notes: Secure notes in 1Password now support rich formatting. You can now pretty up your notes with bold, italics, underline and other Markdown styling, and even add clickable links, ordered and unordered lists and more.
  • Nested tags: You can now organize your tags with tags, not just your items with tags. Just add a forward slash to your tag names and 1Password will do the rest.
  • Pop-out items: This is an awesome new feature. Clicking a dedicated icon on the toolbar whisks your item details away into a new sticky window.

Aside from these attention-grabbing features, 1Password 7 comes with dozens of under-the-hood tweaks, feature enhancements, design improvements and other nice-to-haves.

Here are some of them.

  • New custom font, called Courier Prime Bits and based on Courier Prime.
  • Finding pwned passwords via integration with Troy Hunt’s Have I Been Pwned? database.
  • When using Touch ID, Secure Enclave protects your Master Password.
  • Easily see your currently selected vault and account.
  • Tags are monogrammed with their initials.
  • Quickly find items with their new Spotlight integration.
  • Use Handoff to view iOS items right from the Dock of your Mac.
  • Login details now highlight one-time passwords.
  • Login icons have never looked better.
  • The Safari extension is integrated into 1Password 7, no need to manage it separately.
  • Single process architecture boosts performances and eliminates issues between the main app and mini.

The changelog for beta 1 is huge so this is just a quick rundown of the biggest new improvements in 1Passwrod 7. You can download 1Password 7 beta for Mac from the AgileBits website.

Pop-out items in 1Password 7 beta for Mac

The app is included free for everyone with a 1Password membership. If you have a standalone license for version 6, you’ll be prompted to subscribe or purchase a license when the beta first opens.

Secure notes in 1Password 7 finally support Markdown styling

According to AgileBits, licenses will be available for $64.99 when 1Password 7 arrives later this year, but are available now for only $39.99 (there’s also a one-month free trial).

Features like multi-factor security, web access, data loss protection and family accounts are only available with a $2.99 per month 1Password membership.

What are your thoughts on 1Password 7 so far?

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