Triple-A console title ARK: Survival Evolved is getting a full game on iPhone and iPad

Yesterday, Studio Wildcard and War Drum Studios officially announced that they’re porting the popular large-scale console survival sandbox game Ark: Survival Evolved to iPhone and iPad.

They also opened up the mobile version to the public in a beta test.

The game challenges you to survive and thrive on a mysterious island, where you start out alone and unarmed. The massive Jurassic-era game world is filled with more than 80 unique dinosaurs and primal creatures for you to capture and tame.

It will provide the full 50-person online multiplayer experience as the PC version of ARK, with all the features of the console edition in unabridged format and the full single-player campaign.

Players will be able to also form tribes and work together to build colonies of survivors, gather resources and craft tools to build shelter and hunt, make new friends online, expand their domain of influence and build mighty structures to defend against jurassic predators.

Here’s the promotional trailer for the mobile version of ARK.

Every single frame of the trailer’s gameplay footage was recorded live using an iPhone 8.

ARK will let you customize virtually everything—visually and functionally—including procedurally-generated RPG statistics for creatures, characters, resources, clothing, gear and weapons (both primitive and modern).

You’ll be using cunning strategies and tactics to befriend, train, ride and breed the dinosaurs and other primeval creatures. Rare blueprints and notes written by the island’s pervious inhabitants provide a nice backstory while the game’s Tribe system encourages cooperation by supporting dynamic parties to share resources and respawn points.

The mobile game will sport a specialized control setup created just for it.

Key highlights include:

  • 80+ dinosaurs: Use cunning strategy and tactics to tame, ride and breed the many dinosaurs and other primeval creatures roaming the dynamic, persistent ecosystems across land, sea, air and even underground.
  • Discover: Explore a massive living and breathing prehistoric landscape as you find the means to survive, thrive and escape on the Ark.
  • Craft and build: Using any means necessary to survive, craft weapons, clothes and items, and build shelters, villages or even large cities.
  • Survive alone or with others: Group up with, or prey on, hundreds of other players in a large-scale online world or choose to go it alone in single-player mode.
  • Join a tribe: The Tribe system encourages cooperation by supporting dynamic parties to share resources, experience points and re-spawn points.

According to the developers, ARK: Survival Evolved will require two gigabytes of free space to download and install. The game will run at 30 frames per second on iPhone 7 devices, featuring the entire island map with most of the creatures.

Devices will require 2 GB of RAM on iOS and 3 GB of RAM on Android. The game will be free-to-play when it arrives with optional In-App Purchases in form of various upgrades.

Beta signups are available through the game’s official website (but first, read the FAQ). There will apparently be day 1 in-game bonuses for those who pre-register.

The game is available on Mac, Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Steam.

War Drum is anticipating a full worldwide launch on App Store later this spring.