Plux takes on Apple’s AirPower with a multi-device charger

The new Plux charger is an all-in-one charging stand and pad that can charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods simultaneously, taking aim squarely at Apple’s AirPower.

Apple’s new wireless charging pad, AirPower, is supposed to be launching soon. However the (suspected) high price has many people turned away.

Plux comes in at $39 during its Indiegogo campaign, and while the price may seem like a steal, it comes with its own pros and cons.

Getting the downside out of the way… to make Plux work, you do have to use your own Apple Watch charging puck, as well as add an adapter to your AirPods.

That means it isn’t quite as magical as it first appears. The AirPower is just a mat, that works seamlessly without any additional cords or adapters.

Those downsides though, do have their advantages. For starters, AirPower will only work with the latest Apple Watch Series 3, whereas Plux will work with any model.

AirPower also requires you to pick up a new Qi charging case for your AirPods. Using the (much more affordable) adapter, your keep your existing AirPods enclosure.

The Plux does a great job at replicating the AirPower mat, while at the same time bringing the price down, and making it work with more devices.

I’m still a little hesitant to use a Qi adapter for my AirPods, but Plux certainly has me intrigued. I love that it works flat, or as a stand, and that it supports up to 10W of power.

We will be going hands on with Plux soon to see how it holds up, but if you are interested, you can pick it up on Indiegogo now for only $39. Units should start shipping by April.

No crowdfunded campaign guarantees delivery, but luckily the low entry price doesn’t make Plux too much of a risk.

So what do you guys think? Do you like this cheaper alternative to AirPower? Let us know below!