YouTube Studio is now optimized for iPhone X, brings inline replies, hearts & pins to comments

Google’s YouTube Studio app for YouTube creators has finally picked up iPhone X compatibility.

The most recent update (version 18.03.103) takes advantage of the iPhone X form factor and display resolution, allowing the app to run fullscreen without the horizontal bars at the top and bottom of the interface, a tell-tale sign of apps that have not been optimized for iPhone X.

Other changes in this release of YouTube Studio (formerly known as YouTube Creator Studio) include improved commenting experience with inline replies, hearts and pins.

If you create and share videos on YouTube, this handy app lets you manage your channels, see the latest video stats, respond to comments, create and update video thumbnail images and account profile images, get notifications when someone responds to your videos and more.

Here’s a quick overview of all the key features:

  • Monitor channel and video performance with easy-to-use analytics
  • Respond to and moderate comments
  • Get notifications about important moments on your channel
  • Update video details including descriptions, titles, custom thumbnail images and monetization settings
  • Manage playlists
  • Create and update your account profile pictures
  • Search help content by voice

YouTube Studio is available free of charge in App Store.