Review: Mophie’s new Powerstation delivers juice using USB-C PD standard, adds AC outlet

We’ve seen our fair share of portable USB-C battery packs that have been certified to support the USB-C Power Delivery specification, also referred to as USB-C PD. The new Powerstation AC battery accessory from Mophie is one of the most compelling yet.

Building in both USB-C Power Delivery and a protected AC outlet, it’s very similar to their previous USB-C PD battery pack. It’s retained a similar form factor and that soft-touch fabric that wraps the exterior while getting markedly larger and providing a few extra features.

But first, give our hands-on video walkthrough a quick watch.

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The larger size is a result of a few different factors.

What’s new?

Notably, the capacity is up significantly to a whopping 22,000mAh.

The device is going to need all the extra juice it can get because customers can now plug in a variety of devices into its brand new AC outlet on the end.

The AC outlet itself takes up space, but so do the dual fans helping keep the battery cool under heavy use. The fans aren’t particularly loud, but you will notice them in a quiet room.

What can it do?

With USB Type-A, USB Type-C and AC outlet as outputs, there’s lots to love about this device.

iPhone and iPad owners will be pleased to learn that they can quickly charge any USB device through the USB Type-A port on the battery pack because it can handle 2.4A (enough to charge your iPhone significantly faster than the included power adapter).

If you have a USB-C device, like the 12-inch MacBook Pro or the redesigned MacBook Pro, you can charge it using this battery pack without any issues. For those wondering, the included USB-C port is able to pump out power at up to 30W. If you have a Retina MacBook, you’re set. If you own a 13-inch or 15-inch MacBook Pro model, it’ll charge too but at a bit slower rate.

MacBook Pros can also get their power from the built-in AC outlet that handles up to 100W of power (the 15-inch MacBook Pro ships with a 87W power adapter include in the box).

The AC outlet is also GFCI-compatible, helping protect your device at all times.

Wrapping it up

I am ever so torn about the Powerstation AC.

On one hand, it is easily the most attractive portable battery pack with some of the best features on the market and premium build quality.

At 22,000mAh, it’s not the largest battery pack we’ve seen, but it’ll cost you.

So, is the trade-off worth it?

In my mind, yes. Many other battery packs are made of metal that adds unnecessary weight and makes them prone to scratches and dings. I’m in love with the soft fabric wrap around this battery and the trio of different outputs that cover anything I would need while on the go.

If you find that Mophie’s latest portable battery isn’t for you, be sure to check out our roundup of other USB-C PD battery packs for one that better suits you (there are many other options, including Mophie’s Powerstation XXL).

If you want to pick up a Powerstation AC for yourself, it’ll run you $199.95 direct from Mophie.