Nintendo shutting down Miitomo mobile app on May 9th

Looks like Miitomo isn’t long for this world. Nintendo’s initial entry into smartphone apps will be no more, come May 9th. If you are currently one of the (few) users of Miitomo, you can still continue to use the app through then.

Nintendo has announced that they’ve stopped selling the in-app currency Miitomo coins immediately, though they can still be earned through login bonuses until the app shuts down.

If you have a boatload of unused coins, Nintendo says they plan to refund players for those they purchased.

Miitomo first made its way to mobile just under two years ago. The Miitomo app was a quirky way to communicate with friends and other players using Miis, Nintendo’s flagship avatars.

The demise isn’t too surprising, as the app didn’t seem exceedingly popular, with games like Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem earning significantly more revenue.