Clips picks up Apple-designed label and poster for Chinese New Year, iPhone X fixes & more

Clips, Apple’s excellent iPhone and iPad app for creating beautifully animated 360-degree scenes and videos, was updated on App Store today with a few small changes.

Clips 2.0.2 now includes all-new Apple-designed label and poster for Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival in modern China or simply the Lunar New Year.

Other noteworthy changes in this edition of Clips for iPhone and iPad include improved stability when browsing and recording selfie scenes on your iPhone X and a fix for an issue that caused the Top Secret poster to animate incorrectly during playback.

As mentioned, this is but a minor update to Clips.

The last major Clips 2.0 refresh came in November 2017, bringing iPhone X support, Star Wars stickers, the ability to record 360-degree selfie scenes and much, much more.

Clips is a free download from App Store.