AppleCare+ for HomePod will cost $39 and cover AirPorts

HomePod is arriving February 9 with Apple’s standard one-year warranty.

If you’d like to protect your investment in the Siri-powered wireless speaker, Apple will be reportedly offering AppleCare+ for HomePod for just $39. 9to5Mac saw a memo distributed to Apple Stores, showing that the cost of AppleCare+ for HomePod in the US will be $39.

This will extend your HomePod service coverage for up to three years from the original purchase date whilst providing up to two years of telephone support, including setting up and using features such as AirPlay 2, Wi-Fi and the Home app.

The coverage reportedly includes AirPort products as well and “adds up to two incidents of accidental damage from handling for HomePod, each subject to a $39 service fee”. So, in addition to paying a one-time fee of $39 to get AppleCare+ coverage for your HomePod, each incident will incur an additional fee of $39 (which is standard with all AppleCare+ offerings).

In other words, an out-of-warranty HomePod repair will set you back at least $78. Cosmetic damage that that doesn’t impact the functionality of the device isn’t covered by AppleCare+.

HomePod will be available to order this Friday in White and Space Gray for $349 in the United States, £319 in the United Kingdom and $499 in Australia ahead of the February 9 launch.

Users who don’t subscribe to Apple Music will be permitted to play music purchased from iTunes Store, stream Beats 1 radio and enjoy their favorite podcasts for free. Multi-room audio support via AirPlay 2 won’t be available at launch, Apple has said.

The wireless speaker is launching in France and Germany this sprint.