Apple’s Director of Worldwide Investigations departs for Facebook

Chief leak investigator Lee Freedman has departed Apple for a similar role at Facebook.

Freedman, who joined Apple in 2012 as the Director and Principal Counsel of Worldwide Investigations, has a background with the Justice Department.

He is credited with the creation of Apple’s Cyber Investigations team.

As Apple’s chief leak investigator, Freedman led a team of experts charged with preventing leaks and working with law enforcement on security issues. He now works as Facebook’s Director II and Associate General Counsel for Compliance, Security and Investigations.

As per his LinkedIn profile, Freedman previously worked as Assistant US Attorney while in the Eastern District of New York’s Public Integrity and Violent Crimes and Terrorism sections.

There, he led the investigation and prosecution of cases involving tax, bank, credit card and Internet fraud, human trafficking, narcotics, gang violence, terrorism, racketeering and murder.

Replacing him at Apple will be Jessica Kirschbraun, 9to5Mac has learned.

The United States Attorneys’ Office promoted him in 2008 to the head of General Crimes & Computer Hacking and Intellectual Property.

Freedman a few months ago led Appe’s internal presentation titled “Stopping Leakers—Keeping Confidential at Apple” which ironically leaked to the press, revealing the lengths the Cupertino tech giant would go in its global war against leakers.