Video: minimalist Apple bikes employees use to get from place to place

Apple will provides a thousand free bicycles and as many as 2,000 bike parking spots at its 175-acre campus to help employees get from place to place.

It can take an employee as many as ten minutes to walk from the parking garage to their office at Apple’s new $5 billion 175-acre campus. As the company continues to put the finishing touches on the $5 billion campus, it will also provide 1,000 free bikes to its employees.

As shown on a video uploaded to Snapchat last Tuesday (via Business Insider), the bikes are logo-free and painted “Apple Grey.” For employees who don’t like biking, there will be an electric golf cart and a commuter shuttle to take them from the parking structures to the ring.

Compared to Google’s rainbow-colored two-wheelers, Apple’s bikes are completely chrome and minimally designed—even the tires are brand name-free. The bikes are made by a Northern California bike company, called Public Bikes.

Apple also uses logo-free silver bikes at its old headquarters, according to Wired.