iOttie’s wireless chargers are some of the best looking

Wireless chargers were all over the place at CES this year, and one of the few that stood out to me was iOttie’s new lineup. We went hands on with four of their new chargers ahead of their release.

The lineup includes a mini charger, a charging stand, and a charging stand with an additional USB output. There is also a completely unique product that adds two AC sockets, 4 USB ports, and a USB-C port to your outlets, while at the same time affixing a wireless charger to the front.

See them all in our hands-on video.

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I’m very excited to try out the wireless wall charger for a longer period of time, but I think the traditional wireless charger is my favorite.

I love the fact I can wirelessly charge my phone, but at the same time, have a second output for my Apple Watch.

Let me know which of the four is your favorite, down in the comments!

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