Hands-on with DJI’s new Osmo Mobile 2 gimbal at CES 2018

DJI has given a major upgrade to their popular Osmo Mobile gimbal, fixing many (if not all) of the pain points from the first generation. We went hands-on to see how it held up.

The biggest changes for the Osmo Mobile 2 include a new lightweight nylon body, support for portrait mode, rearranged button layouts, significantly longer battery life, and a USB-A output to charge your phone. Probably the biggest change, is the substantial price drop down to only $129.

Check out our hands-on video to see for yourself how well the upgraded device performed.

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In the 20 minutes I spent playing with the new gimbal, rarely did I have it falter. Only on the quickest and most jarring movements did it give a slight hiccup in the recordings.

We will have more coverage of the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 when it finally launches early this year. You can preorder exclusively through Apple starting January 23.

Let us know what you think of DJI’s newest smartphone stabilizer down in the comments.

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