Colgate unveils AI powered, Apple exclusive smart toothbrush with ResearchKit integration

Oral hygiene company Colgate at CES unveiled its first app-connected electronic toothbrush.

The aptly named “Colgate Smart Electronic Toothbrush E1 with Artificial Intelligence“ is available exclusively through and a select number of Apple retail stores starting today.

Colgate is billing the product as the first artificial intelligence-powered toothbrush which integrates with your iPhone over Bluetooth, like smart toothbrushes from Philips.

This is also the first toothbrush to include support for ResearchKit, Apple’s medical research framework. With ResearchKit, Colgate plans to collect crowdsourced data from users to “get even smarter about oral care for better and faster future innovation.”

It includes features commonly found in other smart electric toothbrushes, including real-time feedback to make sure you don’t miss anywhere or press too hard.

The app allows you not only to time yourself as you brush your teeth, but various short games to keep you entertained and a 3D model of your mouth as you brush.

The AI technology it uses is powered by Kolibree, which partnered with Colgate on this endeavor. The more you use the brush, the more it learns and adapts to each individual user.

It will then provide brushing tips that are relevant to you.

Colgate today released the Smart Electronic Toothbrush in the US via and a few Apple stores. It’ll cost you $99.95 if you choose to pick one up, which is comparable to other models.

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