You can have an authorized service provider upgrade your iMac Pro starting later this month

According to an internal memo obtained by MacRumors, authorized Apple service providers will be able to upgrade the RAM in your iMac Pro starting later this month.

iFixit’s teardown of the new iMac Pro found that while more difficult than a standard iMac, the RAM was replaceable. Apple still says that you should take it to an authorized technician to perform the install, and it looks like you will be able to do so as early as this month.

According to Apple, the replacement of RAM uses special tools without which there is a risk of damaging the logic board of your iMac Pro.

The memo also dictates that Apple Authorized Service Providers use only Apple’s RAM modules and not third-party ones.

If you are looking for other repairs, Apple Authorized Service Providers will begin to service other parts like the main logic board, and the SSDs in February, when those parts begin to be available.

To find an Apple Authorized Service Provider near you, start by clicking Service & Support on Apple’s Find Locations site.