FiLMiC Pro gains Bluetooth mic support, auto shutter options & expanded iPhone X features

FiLMiC Pro, the most advanced video camera for iPhone and iPad ever, just got even better.

Thanks to the latest update bumping version number to 6.4, videographers can now connect a Bluetooth microphone to their device and use it when shooting video in FiLMiC Pro. You must turn on this feature by enabling Bluetooth Microphone in the audio settings within the app.

Developers caution that microphone audio quality can vary widely due to Bluetooth’s unreliable performance and aggressive compression. “For best results, we recommend using AirPods,” developers note. AirPods, as you know, include Apple’s in-house designed wireless chip that improves Bluetooth reliability and sound quality significantly.

Another new feature, called Auto Shutter, makes it easy to avoid the dreaded flickering which can occur when shooting indoors with fluorescent lights. This option can be found in the settings menu at the bottom of the app’s Frame Rate menu.

There are three choices available: 50Hz (mostly for customers in Europe), 60Hz (the electrical power frequency used in the US) and Auto, which will attempt to set shutter behavior to best match your geographical location’s electrical power frequency.

Other changes in this edition of FiLMiC Pro include the ability to select/deselect all videos in the library by long-tapping the video selection button, plus expanded iPhone X support.

If you own an iPhone X, the app will now fill the handset’s OLED display with additional information, such as a detailed audio meter and other useful readings like quality setting, recording time remaining and color temperature.

This update is provided at no additional charge to existing users of the app.

FiLMiC Pro is $14.99 on App Store.