Sold out! Don’t count on AirPods as a last minute gift this year

We hope you didn’t count on buying a pair of AirPods to a loved one at the last minute this holiday season, because they are sold out at most retail locations, including of course Apple’s, which lists them on its website as available starting January 5th, at the earliest.

A year after their launch, AirPods indeed prove to still be a very popular item that Apple can’t make fast enough.

At the time of writing, pretty much every retailer in the US is sold out, except for AT&T which appears to still have some inventory available for 2-day shipping. This will probably change really quick, so you might want to act fast if interested in securing a pair.

For what it’s worth, AirPods are my favorite Apple product in years. The convenience of the form factor and the charging case easily make them the best earphones I’ve ever owned. I can see why they’re so popular. Once you’ve owned a pair, you definitely want to share their awesomeness with loved ones. Too late for that this year, unless you’ve already bought a pair of course.