Musixmatch 7.0 brings overhauled UI, colorful lyrics experience, new functionality & more

Musixmatch, the world’s largest lyrics platform where users can search and share lyrics, today announced a major redesign of its mobile app for iPhone and iPad with several enhancements, including a more seamless discovery and customizable lyrics.

Like before, the app still includes a tremendously useful Today widget which automatically downloads and displays synchronized lyrics for any song playing on Apple Music or Spotify, including tunes in your personal music library.

Fully optimized for the edge-to-edge OLED panel on iPhone X, Musixmatch 7.0 offers a new Home feed for your recommended content, colorful lyrics experience, a more seamless connection with your music, a central place for community posts and more.

The new Home feed makes it easier to discover lyrics.

This is where you’ll find your favorite lyrics, mixed with fresh recommendations, curated ready-to-stream playlists and “lyrics you forgot you loved.” Speaking of which, the lyrics view has been redesigned as well—you can now choose the background color for your lyrics.

Developers say that the lyrics visualization has been overhauled top to bottom and should now be perfect for following your favorite song word by word.

Another new feature makes it easy to link your Apple Music or Spotify (free or premium) account if you’d like to import your existing playlists and stream songs with lyrics in the app.

Lastly, a new Contribute tab brings all community content in one place while offering leaderboards, stats and an easier way to discover multilingual lyrics translations.

Musixmatch is a free download from App Store.