Google updates Trips and Zagat apps with iPhone X support

Google continues rolling out support for the native iPhone X display resolution in its popular apps for iPhone and iPad, with the company’s Zagat and Google Trips apps the latest to receive official support for Apple’s OLED smartphone.

Now both apps take full advantage of every single pixel offered by the 5.8-inch OLED panel on Apple’s latest flagship smartphone without being limited by the black bars at the top and bottom which iOS uses if an app hasn’t been optimized with iPhone X in mind.

The TripAdvisor-like Trips app for iPhone and iPad is your travel planner that offers activity suggestions based on what’s nearby, in addition to other capabilities, such as customizable day plans and your travel reservations from Gmail.

Zagat is a restaurant guide app. Google acquired Zagat in September 2011 for $125 million.

Download Google Trips and Zagat for free from App Store.