Review: Urbanears Plattan 2 Bluetooth headphones

Urbanears has taken their signature Plattan 2 headphones to the next level, by going wire-free with Bluetooth. They are simple and minimalistic, with surprisingly good audio, and a couple tricks up their sleeves.

While I can’t let you all listen to the headphones, I can let you see them in full HD. Check out the hands-on video review to get a closer look.

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Build and quality

The first thing I noticed when I picked up the Plattan 2 headphones was the weight. They were exceptionally light. Not in a cheap way, but in a totable, convenient way.

They also had a remarkable amount of flexibility.

I was able to twist and turn them in many directions without fear of damage.

Since these are Bluetooth headphones, they do need to charge.

They can do so with the included nylon-wrapped Micro USB cable. When topped off, you should expect about 30 hours of battery life, which is something I can confirm if your music is roughly at 50%.

The only part that I felt lacked a bit of quality was the multi function button on the right earpiece. It is molded plastic and just doesn’t feel/look as nice as the rest of the headphones.

Notable features

There are quite a few standout features of the Plattan 2 headphones.

There are a few basic ones like the solid 30 hour battery life, extreme flexibility and compactness, as well as the non-ornamental look and feel. 

The multi function button is particularly useful. It is a similar design to what we saw in the Marshall headphones, which is funny because Urban Ears and Marshall share a parent company.

You can use the simple button to push to each side, as well as down. Easy peasy to answer a call, control the volume, or skip tracks. It is super convenient, and I much prefer it to swipe-based methods others have used.

One pretty awesome feature is the ability to share the music that you’re listening to.

Using the auxiliary audio port on the bottom of the right earpiece, you can daisy chain a second pair of headphones and listen together. It is a great way to share content and reminiscent of years past when one would share an earbud with a friend.

Audio quality

I was pleasantly surprised with the audio quality of the headphones. I’ve listen to many a pair of sub-$100 headphones and generally get the same result: muddled mids, and over zealous bass.

The bass is still a bit on the heavy side, but I know that is mainly because of the target audience of the headphones.

The mids and highs were actually quite crisp and came through without being muffled too much.

Wrapping it up

The long short of it is, the Plattan 2 is a solid pair of Bluetooth headphones. They are surprisingly inexpensive, exceptionally flexible, and have some unique features that set them apart from similarly priced options.

They are available in five different colors including black, dark gray, true white, indigo, and tomato (i.e. red).

If you’d like to pick up a pair for yourself, or as a gift, you can find them on Amazon for around $70.

Let me know what your thoughts are, down in the comments.