Video: hands-on with machine learning-powered mixing in djay Pro 2 for Mac

Algoriddim yesterday released its djay Pro 2 for Mac, a major release bringing, aside from other enhancements and new features, a brand new AI-driven Automix mode that works like magic.

Automix AI allows for seamless cross-genre mixes with varying tempo.

This powerful new feature was trained using real sets from human DJs to intelligently detect rhythmic patterns and the best intro and outro sections of a song. By calculating optimal fade durations, Automix AI then adjusts equalizers and filters in real time to achieve seamless transitions.

By default, Automix AI uses the Morph effect to ensure a song’s BPM is maintained during a transition. Needless to say, you can choose between other effects at any time.

Check out Automix AI in action in our hands-on video embedded below.

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Andrew also mentions other enhancements in djay Pro 2, like a redesigned interface, new organizational features, beat-matched photo visualization, enhanced Spotify integration, as well as new beats, samples and other in-app content.

The best way to enjoy Automix AI is to create a custom playlist beforehand. Then, lean back and enjoy your Automix with on-the-fly manual control and the ability to change the source music at any time.

If you use Spotify, Automix AI even allows you to take advantage of Spotify’s song-recommendation engine, called Match, in order to supply a continuous queue of songs for auto-mixing, based on parameters like danceability, BPM, key and music style.

You can even watch the knobs turning as Automix AI does its magic.

This feature is especially great for those times when you need to take a short break in between sets or simply want to enjoy your custom playlist with seamless transitions.

djay Pro 2 is compatible with any Mac running macOS El Capitan 10.11 or later. A Spotify Premium subscription is required to access the Spotify music catalog from within the app.

djay Pro 2 for Mac is $39.99 on Mac App Store, but the standard price will be $49.99 after the sale ends. A free trial of the app can be downloaded from the Algoriddim website.

How do you like Automix AI in djay Pro 2 for Mac?

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