Selecting people and animals in Photoshop will soon become much less of a hassle

If you’re a heavy Photoshop user, I bet you’ve spent countless hours painstakingly creating precise selections around people in your images. Thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence, this frustrating and tedious task will soon become a thing of the past.

Adobe on Tuesday demonstrated an upcoming Photoshop CC feature, called Select Subject, capable of automatically masking out everything but people or animals from your photos. It’s powered by Sensei, Adobe’s take on artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning that powers stuff such as intelligent photo search, auto-lip sync and more.

In other words, the hardest part of image editing—selecting people—will soon become less of a hassle. Here’s a sneak peek of this incredibly convenient feature.

The beauty of machine learning and artificial intelligence-powered features is that they get better over time as more people use them and Select Subject should be no exception.

This feature will be part of the upcoming Photoshop CC update, for which Adobe provided no timeframe nor did the company say whether it’ll make its way into Lightroom or other CC apps.

Watch this space as we’ll keep you updated when it arrives.

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