Upcoming iMac Pro to include A10 Fusion chip with 512 MB of RAM

The soon-to-launch iMac Pro is only weeks away (to meet its late-2017 deadline) and tidbits of data have started to leak about what we can expect in Apple’s new pro machine. One of those is the including of the A10 Fusion as a coprocessor for the first time.

Developer Steve Troughton-Smith has dug into the BridgeOS 2.0 package from Apple and discerned that the upcoming iMac Pro will be including Apple’s ARM-based A10 Fusion processor with 512 MB of RAM.

He hypothesizes that this low-powered processor can be used for things like the macOS boot process, security processes, and possibly even “Hey Siri” support.

He also notes how it would allow Apple far tighter control without causing a panic with developers and users.

Apple has long been rumored to eventually move the Mac lineup from Intel processors to their own in-house design. This of course would be a big change, and adding the A10 Fusion as a coprocessor is a small first step toward their larger goal.

Apple currently has their own ARM chipset in the newest MacBook Pros known as the T1. The T1 is utilized by Macs for the new TouchBar, and Touch ID.

The A10 Fusion processor would be the first A-series chip to be added to a Mac.

The iMac Pro still has yet to receive a firm release date, but Apple is still expected to release it before the year is done.

Do you think the A10 Fusion processor is a big deal? Will you be picking up an iMac Pro this holiday season? Sound off below!