Apple adds new Apple Watch category to Tips app on iOS and web

Apple includes a useful Tips app on iPhone and iPad to help users see what is new, and how to best take advantage of their devices. Now Apple has added a new category to the app for Apple Watch.

You can view the new Apple Watch tips on your iPhone, or on the Apple Tips website.

There are currently seven Apple Watch tips, including:

  • Swiping on the Apple Watch
  • Customizing watch faces
  • Asking Siri
  • Updating your move goal
  • Finding your iPhone
  • Tracking multiple workouts
  • How to get the Apple Watch user guide in iBooks

It looks like two more categories also will be forthcoming.

iOS developer Guilherme Rambo shared placeholder for the (yet released) categories “Genius Picks” and “HomePod”.

Genius Picks seems to to refer to pro tips from Apple Geniuses, and the HomePod clearly refers to Apple’s upcoming home speaker. There is no indication of when we could see these other two categories, though with the HomePod pushed to early 2018, that category won’t be launching anytime soon.