Video: hands-on with exclusive iPhone X wallpapers

iPhone X owners get seven new Dynamic wallpapers with a dark background and six new Live wallpapers that animate when pressed, all made specifically for the flagship OLED handset and not available on other iOS devices.

The seven new Dynamic wallpapers with their all-dark background are designed to look good on that OLED panel of your iPhone X while preserving battery life. Adaptations of the old Dynamic wallpapers with a dark instead of a light blue background, these new wallpapers are offered in green, yellow, orange, red, purple, blue and multicolor-themed flavors.

Like before, they animate automatically as you tilt the handset around.

With these new wallpapers, you literally cannot tell the difference between the background image and the bezel or the notch—courtesy of a million to one contrast ratio versus 1300:1 on other iPhones, plus the fact that OLED technology lights up individual pixels so darker backgrounds are power-friendlier than images with lots of color.

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The six new Live wallpapers offer a lot more pop.

They almost look like a glittery oil paint, especially when pressed with 3D Touch to animate on the Lock screen (you’ve probably seen them featured in iPhone X ads and marketing).

Three are preloaded on iPhone X by default and the remaining three Live wallpapers will be made available to iPhone X owners by way of the forthcoming iOS 11.2 software update.

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Sunday’s edition of iDownloadBlog’s Wallpaper series was especially captivating, bringing you backdrops featuring a gorgeous mixture of colorful sunsets, mountains and the ocean captured by @Solefield that will definitely liven up your iPhone, iPad and Mac screens.

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Lastly, iPhone X includes another exclusive: a new ringtone, called “Reflection.”

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If you’ve stumbled upon some nice pictures to use as wallpapers, or just want to share your favorite wallpapers with fellow readers, be sure to hit us in comments.