iPhone X camera scores 97 on DxOMark

While you shouldn’t read too much into the numerical smartphone camera scores given by DxOMark, you may be interested to learn that iPhone X has scored 97 on DxOMark.

That’s one point lower than Google’s new Pixel 2 with a score of 98 (the highest-rated mobile camera DxOMark has tested thus far) and three points higher than iPhone 8 Plus and Galaxy Note 8 which scored 94 on DxOMark (92 for the iPhone 8 camera).

DxOMark gave iPhone X the highest overall score for the photo category with 101 points.

iPhone X features optical image stabilization on its wider-aperture f/2.4 telephoto lens that helps you take clearer images and videos at 2x optical zoom.

The front-facing selfie camera system features accurate depth-sensing thanks to its infrared TrueDepth camera system that makes Portrait mode and bokeh simulation possible.

iPhone X, in DxOMark’s own words, boasts “excellent exposures and copes very well with high-contrast scenes,” ensuring good detail preservation in both highlights and shadows:

Skies were especially impressive in many of our outdoor test scenes, displaying good color and highlight detail at sunset and striking cloud details that really popped.

White balance is generally accurate and repeatable outdoors, with good color rendering ensuring well-saturated and pleasant hues.

Texture is excellent, too, with good fine detail visible in intricate areas.

Although noise is generally well-controlled, a low-frequency chroma noise can be noticeable in areas of plain color.

“Fine detail preservation is noticeably improved as well,” notes DxOMark, adding that noise is “reduced for cleaner results, although some structured noise remains visible in uniform areas.”

The phone earned the overall score of 89 in terms of shooting1080p video although DxOMark has not tested its ability to shoot high-resolution 4K footage at a silky smooth 60 frames per second, which no other major smartphone is capable of at the moment.

Low light remains “challenging” with iPhone X videos with “noticeable underexposure, visible luminance noise and slight irregularities in autofocus and tracking affecting sharpness”.

In good light, video autofocus and tracking are “both fast and accurate” while the phone’s video stabilization is “generally excellent” aside from occasional high-frequency oscillations visible when shooting video with walking movement.

Keep in mind that these numbers don’t mean much because the DxOMark is an open scale.

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“There is nothing magical about the score of 100, and no reason that other cameras can’t go past it,” according to DxOMark themselves. “We’re sure the time will come when they do.”

Earlier today, DisplayMate said the iPhone X Super Retina display has the highest absolute color accuracy for any display (0.9JNCD) which is “visually indistinguishable from perfect,” the highest full screen brightness for OLED smartphones (634 nits), the highest full screen contrast rating in ambient light (141), the highest contrast ratio (infinite), the lowest screen reflectance (4.5 percent) and the smallest brightness variation with viewing angle (22 percent).

They gave the new iPhone the “highest ever” rating with an A+, calling Apple’s flagship the “most innovative and high performance” smartphone screen they’ve ever tested.

How satisfied have you been with your iPhone X camera thus far?

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