First iPhone X teardown video hits YouTube and it’s 15 minutes long

iPhone X launches in the United States in under a day (sales just kicked off in the Asia-PAcific region) and already the very first teardown video has hit YouTube, but not from iFixit. Running fifteen minutes long, the clip gives us a good first look at the internals of Apple’s latest handset.

You can check out the full video to see what is going on between those two pieces of glass. The audio is in Chinese so you’ll have to just do your best to follow along with the dialogue.

We most certainly will see a better quality analysis coming from other teardown experts, but this is one way to kill fifteen minutes of your time while you wait for your iPhone X.

We’re eagerly awaiting iFixit’s iPhone X teardown which we expect to see within hours.

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iFixit is known to fly their repair wizards to Australia or New Zealand to buy new iPhone models that always land on store shelves in those countries first due to time zone differences.

What do you make of this teardown video?

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