Darkroom photo editor now supports wide color, HEIF, Metal 2, metadata, iPhone X & more

Darkroom, an advanced image editor that lets you shoot in RAW and manage up to 120-megapixel DSLR images, today received a major feature-packed update in App Store.

With support for High Efficiency Image File Format (also known as HEIF), Apple’s new image file format in iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra that offers half the file size of the ubiquitous JPEG format, Darkroom users can now import and export images in this new format.

Most other image editors and camera/photography apps let you import, but not export HEIFs.

From left to right: HEIF/metadata options, chromless library and metadata viewing.

The file size savings are quite impressive, particularly at slightly-compressed quality settings.

The app has also introduced support for Apple’s wide color (the Display P3 colorspace) so now you can capture and edit photographs with more vibrant reds and greens on devices that support P3 capture, such as 2017 iPad Pros and iPhone 7, 8 and X.

Now that Darkroom is end-to-end colorspace aware, it’s become one of the only third-party editing apps for iPhone and iPad that let you shoot, edit, preview and export full wide-gamut color images using the Display P3 color profile.

Next, they’ve updated Darkroom’s design for the iPhone X display size and the notch and introduced Metal 2 rendering, which brings “a stunning performance increase.” Metal 2 requires an iOS device with an Apple A7 chip or newer, like any iPhone from iPhone 5s onward.

Using Apple’s new machine vision frameworks, Darkroom’s Transform tool is now able to detect misaligned photos and provide auto horizon correction like the stock Photos app.

People who care about metadata can now edit EXIF fields directly in the app (long press on grid or tap the ‘…’ button in the Edit screen to choose this option from the action menu).

As a bonus, you can now edit copyright metadata (creator and copyright notice) through export options in the app’s settings interface.

For the full changelog, check out this Medium post.

Darkroom is available for free in App Store with non-compulsory In-App Purchases that unlock additional filters, tools and features.