Apps with iPhone X support are hitting App Store with their own featured section

Now that iPhone X has begun shipping to customers, a “Great on iPhone X” section launched on App Store today highlighting top apps that have been updated for the new handset.

Throughout Thursday, we’ve seen many noteworthy updates to popular apps, including 1Password, Halide, Deliveries, Fantastical and so many more. Updates are a trend whenever a new device or major software update is released by Apple.

Many apps on our list have simply refreshed their user interface to account for the new iPhone X display size and the notch, but some have introduced handy new capabilities as well.

As an example, popular image-editing apps Darkroom and Halide now support importing, capturing and exporting in HEIFF, Apple’s new space-saving image format.

Afterlight, another popular app, has gained support for HEIF and depth-based shooting. ProCam 5 has brought out the ability to take Portrait photos with the front-facing camera.

Plex has implemented support for playback of HEVC-encoded videos (H.265) while apps like 1Password, Dashlane and Day One have gained Face ID authentication.

There is no sense listing off all the updates, but here are the more prominent ones:

It’s comforting to see so many developers adapting apps to the new iPhone X form factor. This time around, developers were quick to adjust their apps to Apple’s latest phone.

Remember, if you will, that it took certain app makers years to adapt to the last major change in iOS screen size (we’re not mentioning any names, but you know who they are). In fact, I have plenty of apps that are still not optimized for Plus-sized iPhones.

Let us, and everyone else, know if you’ve found any other great apps that have taken advantage of the latest iPhone X features in the comments.

Have your favorite apps been updated?

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